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Trump and the Paris Agreement

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On June 1st, Trump announced the US would pull out of the Paris Agreement (PA). Some commentators have indicated that the damage that Trump can inflict to climate change mitigation is limited. Yet, Xavier Labandeira, Director of FSR Climate, is not so optimistic. FSR Climate has been analysing and reflecting on EU climate policies for almost ten years. Their insights may offer some guidance for international climate policies within a Trumpian context.

The crisis of liberal democracy and what it means for the Global South

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Anchalee Rueland

Europe and the US have long held themselves as beacons for developing democracies around the world. […] But recent EU and US failures (immigration crises, border closings, racially-biased police violence, inequality, Brexit, etc.) are discouraging young democracies’ pursuit of liberal democratic institutions, and these developing countries are growing impatient with what they see as hypocritical preaching from the democratic ‘West’.
Anchalee Rueland is a Ph.D. candidate in SPS. She spent 8 months in Southeast Asia carrying out fieldwork on norm conflicts, and is currently writing a thesis entitled ‘Norms In Conflict: Non-interference vs Protection of Human Rights in Southeast Asia.’

President Trump: the consequences for Europe’s foreign, security and defence policy

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Ulrich Krotz

During the electoral campaign, Donald Trump relied less on foreign policy, security, and defence advisors than any major party nominee in the past 70 years, making the shape and direction of U.S. foreign policy under his administration uncertain and difficult to predict. What might the election of Donald Trump mean for Europe and Europeans? Professor Ulrich Krotz, Chair in International Relations in the Department of Political and Social Sciences and the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, sheds some light on a situation that is anything but clear.

Thinking about Hungary in the time of Trump and Brexit

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Bela Greskovits

RSCAS visiting scholar and Professor of International Relations at the Central European University in Budapest Béla Greskovits reflects on the robust performance of the populist Fidesz party in Hungary. He points out the cultural weaknesses of the liberal-left in countries such as the US, France, and the UK, indicating where illiberalism has found fertile ground to take root.

A tragedy for transatlantic relations

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Richard Maher

European leaders and publics today are no doubt struggling to comprehend the implications of Trump’s victory for Europe and for world politics more broadly. Dr Richard Maher, Research Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies’ Global Governance Programme, gives his perspective in an op-ed on the result of the American elections.

Will Brexit be a ‘game-changer’ for the EU?

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Professor Brigid Laffan, Director of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies and Director of the Global Governance Programme at the EUI and Professor Ramon Marimon, Pierre Werner Chair at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies and Joint Chair in Economics and the RSCAS, give EUI Times brief opinions on what Brexit would entail.

Energy Union is ‘on track and on time’

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Progress towards the European Energy Union is on track and on time according to its vice-president Maroš Šefčovič. Last week Mr. Šefčovič sat down for an unprecedented interview with the former Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs at a conference hosted by the Florence School of Regulation at the EUI. “We need to actually combine all these […]

Why a State of the Union on Women?

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Ruth Rubio Marin

Women are half of the population in the world. 94% of Europeans agree that equality between men and women is a fundamental right and, I would even say, a distinctive feature of the philosophical understanding of European citizenship. In spite of this, in many ways the objective of gender equality in Europe remains largely unachieved.