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Punish Russia – just not like this

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Anthony Gardner

On Tuesday, the United States Congress voted by 413 to three in favour of a bill which will both increase sanctions on Russia and weaken the power of the President to revoke such measures. Former US Ambassador Anthony Gardner has urged his ‘friends in Congress’ to be tough on Russia, but not at the expense of US-EU relations. ‘I think [punishing Russia] is absolutely the right objective, I just think that the tools used here were the wrong ones,’ he said. ‘We [Americans] really should be working with the EU’.

Terror and counter terror: Europe’s security dialectic

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The landscape of terror and counter-terrorism in Europe is changing fast. There is innovation on both sides, with extremist and security measures evolving in turn. But a recent spate of attacks suggests that security services are struggling to keep up with the quantity of information on threats in a digital age. At a recent conference at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, security experts reflected on the challenges of twenty-first-century counter-terrorism.

Continuity and Change: Marise Cremona Bids Farewell to the EUI

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Marise Cremona

Over many years of change in Europe and the EUI, Professor Cremona has been one of the constants which have shaped and guided the character of this Institute. Amongst her many guises at the EUI, she cherishes her role of helping young academics through their doctoral research the most. Yet, after ten years of post-graduate teaching in London, Cremona revealed that she was taken aback by the enthusiasm EUI researchers have for their own projects. ‘This is one of the great pleasures of the place – having groups of researchers who are so engaged in their work and who have a real intellectual curiosity,’ she said.

Ways to Wilders: Who votes for the PVV?

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From café owners to truck drivers, conductors and conspiracy theorists ‘who are so completely off the map they can hardly be classified,’ Koen Damhuis shows that PVV voters are not all the same. Yet, according to Damhuis, these varied PVV voters have found different rationales and reasons to cast a ballot for Wilders which all ultimately fit within the same overarching narrative of ‘the Netherlands first’.

Cultural diplomacy and foreign policy

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Anna Triandafyllidou, Robert Schuman Centre

Cultural relations are on the agenda of EU institutions. Robert Schuman Centre Professor Anna Triandafyllidou and Tamás Szűcs, a Principal Adviser in DG Education and Culture who is currently on sabbatical at the EUI, organised a high-level policy workshop to debate the issue. In this article, Ellen Halliday puts some discussions from the workshop in context.

The pragmatic idealist

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Oliver Garner

Oliver Garner is a second-year PhD Researcher in the Department of Law, where he also received the LLM in 2016.  Previously, he studied at the University of Oxford. His areas of interest are European Union law, constitutional law, human rights law, and legal and political theory. He has been published on the European Law Blog, Verfassungsblog, and the EUI’s own Constitutionalism and Politics Working Group blog. He has also had a journal length piece published as an EUI Law Department Working Paper and was a speaker at The State of the Union 2017.

Beyond black and white: law and the Eurocrisis

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Marijn van der Sluis

Marijn van der Sluis is a PhD candidate from the Department of Law. He has recently submitted his thesis on ‘The Role of Law in European Monetary Integration’, which he will defend in June 2017. Van der Sluis is currently a Lecturer at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. In a conversation with EUI Times, he reflects on the complex relationship between law, politics, and the Euro.