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The European Union at Sixty

Written by Federico Romero. Posted in Current opinions, Opinions

Federico Romero

‘Progress is never linear, much less granted once and for all.’ Professor Federico Romero uses the Treaty of Rome Anniversary to reconsider how the EC/EU ‘nurtured – inadvertently, myopically, smugly – the frustrated discontent that now threatens it.’

Professor Federico Romero is Professor of History of Post-War European Cooperation and Integration at the European University Institute. He is also Director of the ERC project Looking West: The European Socialist Regimes Facing Pan-European Cooperation and the European Community (PanEur1970s), and co-directs the Alcide de Gasperi Centre for Research. He will chair a debate on ‘The European Union at Sixty’ at The State of the Union. 4-6th May 2017.