Reassessing the fiscal and monetary framework of EMU

Written by Ramon Marimon. Posted in Current opinions, Opinions

In this article, Professor Ramon Marimon outlines the aims and achievements of the ADEMU project, which will present its findings at The State of the Union 2018. Will adopting a more dynamic monetary union help forge the EU from crisis?

Ramon Marimon is Joint Chair Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics and the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, where he holds the Pierre Werner Chair. He will speak at a panel entitled ‘Reassessing the Fiscal and Monetary Framework of EMU in 2018’ at The State of the Union.

Cities and asylum seeker integration

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Is the EU serious about helping migrants and asylum speakers settle within its borders? Writing for EUI Times, Jasper Chalcraft points out that the experiences of asylum seekers arriving in the EU differs hugely between cities and countries.

Jasper Chalcraft is a Jean Monnet Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies. He will chair a panel at The State of the Union 2018 dealing with ‘Cities and Asylum Seeker Integration: Innovative Practices and (Trans)national Approaches’.

Social investment in the balance

Written by Anton Hemerijck. Posted in Current opinions, Opinions

What is social investment, how has it developed and what will become of it going forward? That is the topic of Professor Anton Hemerijck’s highly anticipated panel at The State of the Union 2018. Ahead of the conference, Prof. Hemerijck sat down with EUI Times to talk social investment, and explain why it’s ‘in the balance’.

Anton Hemerijck is Professor of Political Science and Sociology and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the EUI. His panel at The State of the Union 2018 is entitled ‘Social Investment in the Balance’.

Solidarity in development?

Written by Corinna Unger. Posted in Current opinions, Opinions

How do historical experiences of development solidarity and foreign aid contribute to policy realities in the present? Ahead of chairing a panel on the subject at The State of the Union 2018, Professor Corinna Unger writes that we can learn a great deal about the process of development and its place in the future by looking backwards.

Corinna Unger is Professor of Global and Colonial History in the Department of History and Civilization of the EUI. Her panel at The State of the Union 2018 is entitled ‘Solidarity in Development? Historical Experiences and Present Concerns with Economic Stability and Political Security across Borders’.

Inside the net neutrality debate

Written by Elda Brogi and Luc Steinberg. Posted in Current opinions, Opinions

Net neutrality is a hot topic at the moment, but it is not always clear what it actually is and why it matters. In this article, Elda Brogi and Luc Steinberg of the Centre for Media Pluralism and Freedom explain the concept of net neutrality, and discuss what implications the US Federal Communication Commission’s recent decision to repeal it could have for the maintenance of an open and free web in Europe and beyond.

Elda Brogi is Scientific Coordinator  and Luc Steinberg is Project Assistant at the Centre for Media Pluralism and Freedom (CMPF), a research programme devoted to develop innovative and relevant lines of research on media freedom and pluralism in Europe and beyond. It is housed at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, and is co-financed by the European Union.

Closa: What next for Catalonia in 2018?

Written by Carlos Closa. Posted in Current opinions, Opinions

For Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, fresh regional elections at the end of 2017 were supposed to lift a cloud of political uncertainty that has shrouded Catalonia for the past six months. However, Professor Carlos Closa writes in EUI Times, the inconclusive results of those elections mean that there is no end in sight for one of Europe’s most testing political crises in recent memory.

Carlos Closa is Part Time professor at the School of Transnational Governance. He recently edited the volume Secession from a Member State and Withdrawal from the European Union. Troubled Membership (Cambridge University Press, 2017).

A new era for EU defense cooperation?

Written by Richard Maher. Posted in Current opinions, Opinions


PESCO, the European Union’s new defense cooperation agreement signed earlier this month, represents a big leap towards the creation of a credible, effective European defense policy. While some doubts remain, Richard Maher argues that the deal is further proof that member states are committed to furthering integration post-Brexit.

Richard Maher is a research fellow in the ‘Europe in the World’ research area of the Global Governance Programme at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies.

Debunking misconceptions about return migration

Written by Katie Kuschminder. Posted in Current opinions, Opinions


Thousands of migrants return home every day. So why do we still misunderstand what actually happens when they get there? In this article, Katie Kuschminder argues that reintegrating into an old society can be much harder than starting afresh in a new one.

Katie Kuschminder is a Research Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre’s Global Governance Programme, funded by a Rubicon Grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. Katie’s research is in the field of international migration, with a current focus on irregular, transit and return migration.

Click and bail: Can Macron stop digital multinationals from dodging tax?

Written by Laura Seelkopf. Posted in Current opinions, Opinions


In his landmark Sorbonne speech in late September, Emmanuel Macron outlined a plan to force the likes of Facebook, Amazon and Netflix to pay taxes in the EU country where their services are used, rather than where they are headquartered, and to crack down on those companies which avoid paying at all. While his proposal is welcome, Laura Seelkopf argues that it faces a number of hurdles – from both inside and out of the EU.

Laura Seelkopf is a Jean-Monnet Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies. Her current research focuses on the comparative political economy of taxation.

Trump and the Paris Agreement

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On June 1st, Trump announced the US would pull out of the Paris Agreement (PA). Some commentators have indicated that the damage that Trump can inflict to climate change mitigation is limited. Yet, Xavier Labandeira, Director of FSR Climate, is not so optimistic. FSR Climate has been analysing and reflecting on EU climate policies for almost ten years. Their insights may offer some guidance for international climate policies within a Trumpian context.