Terror will never break our pencils or our democracies

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Pier Luigi Parcu: “Nothing can justify attacks on people whose only offence lay in their use of words and drawings to mock religion or politics or power. The satirist’s profession should not be a dangerous one, no matter how much its practitioners offend other people’s opinion and beliefs.”

Why electronic mass surveillance fails… drastically

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Martin Scheinin: “We believe that our methodology and findings can make an important contribution in the public debate, as to whether there is a ‘balance’ between surveillance and privacy, and what could be a meaningful framework for assessing how that ‘balance’ could be measured. For the NSA methods of electronic mass surveillance, the verdict is highly negative.”

Why study European intellectual history at the EUI?

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Ann Thomson: “Intellectual History helps us refuse simplistic discourses about civilisation versus backwardness, enlightenment versus fanaticism. It also subjects to critical scrutiny the use of overworked categories like Orientalism. It thus has a vital role to play in helping us to understand the confrontations we see today — both inside Europe and between Europeans and others — and the discourses that feed them.”

How a silent mobilization kept Scotland British

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Davide Morisi: “After one of the longest and most intense campaigns in British political history, the referendum for the independence of Scotland is now over. The final result confirms what almost every opinion polls had predicted over the last year, a clear majority for the pro-union side. Yet, in the very last weeks of the campaign everything seemed to change and for the first time the ‘impossible’ outcome of a ‘Yes’ victory became conceivable.”

Promoting member state solidarity and cooperation in the management of asylum

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Anna Triandafyllidou: “Asylum is a common concern for both Northern and Southern European countries. Southern countries are exposed to pressures at their borders because of their geographical proximity to zones of instability and conflict. Meanwhile, Northern European countries have traditionally been the preferred destinations of asylum seekers from all over the world. Thus both groups of countries have a common concern to share this burden, and to look at the problem from different perspectives.”

Withdrawal Symptoms

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Carlos Closa Montero: “Secession and withdrawal have become highly topical European issues due to the processes under way in Scotland and Catalonia and the debate triggered by UK´s Prime Minister David Cameron, suggesting a possible British withdrawal from the EU. These debates concentrate on the position of withdrawing states and seceding territories vis-à-vis the EU.”

Climate policy: a fragile American precedent

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Denny Ellerman: “In early June, the Obama Administration issued its long awaited ‘Existing Power Plant Rule’ to address climate change by reducing CO2 emissions from existing power plants by 30% by 2030 (as measured from 2005) to kudos from most environmentalists and foreign observers but promises of opposition from important players in the US political process. “