Beyond reaction: The EU’s challenge in tackling antisemitism

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‘Hate cannot be contained in one corner,’ says Katharina von Schnurbein, the European Commission’s first specialist coordinator on tackling antisemitism, ‘sooner or later it spreads.’ For that reason, she argues, it is the responsibility of society as a whole – not just the Jewish community – to combat antisemitism. Von Schnurbein recently joined the EUI as an EU Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, where she will spend the next year formulating policy proposals on how the Commission can help stem the rising tide of antisemitism in Europe.

Continuity and Change: Marise Cremona Bids Farewell to the EUI

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Marise Cremona

Over many years of change in Europe and the EUI, Professor Cremona has been one of the constants which have shaped and guided the character of this Institute. Amongst her many guises at the EUI, she cherishes her role of helping young academics through their doctoral research the most. Yet, after ten years of post-graduate teaching in London, Cremona revealed that she was taken aback by the enthusiasm EUI researchers have for their own projects. ‘This is one of the great pleasures of the place – having groups of researchers who are so engaged in their work and who have a real intellectual curiosity,’ she said.

The pragmatic idealist

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Oliver Garner

Oliver Garner is a second-year PhD Researcher in the Department of Law, where he also received the LLM in 2016.  Previously, he studied at the University of Oxford. His areas of interest are European Union law, constitutional law, human rights law, and legal and political theory. He has been published on the European Law Blog, Verfassungsblog, and the EUI’s own Constitutionalism and Politics Working Group blog. He has also had a journal length piece published as an EUI Law Department Working Paper and was a speaker at The State of the Union 2017.

Beyond black and white: law and the Eurocrisis

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Marijn van der Sluis

Marijn van der Sluis is a PhD candidate from the Department of Law. He has recently submitted his thesis on ‘The Role of Law in European Monetary Integration’, which he will defend in June 2017. Van der Sluis is currently a Lecturer at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. In a conversation with EUI Times, he reflects on the complex relationship between law, politics, and the Euro.

The Unseen: Bedouin in Israel

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Emma Nyhan

Who are the Bedouin becoming in international law? Emma Nyhan, a PhD candidate in the Department of Law, uses her doctoral research to unpack the ways in which internationally-generated concepts and categories are made active and effective in context.

The new normal

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Andrew Geddes

Andrew Geddes took up the Chair in Migration Studies and role of Director of the Migration Policy Centre (MPC) in January 2017. His current research, supported by an Advanced Investigator Grant from the European Research Council, focuses on inter and intra-regional comparison of migration governance with a focus on Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and South America. He is also a speaker at The State of the Union 2017.

The EUI: a long term investment for Europe

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Vincenzo Grassi

Vincenzo Grassi joined the EUI as Secretary General in January 2017. He has been a diplomat for Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for many years, with long experience in the area of European affairs. Prior to his arrival at the EUI, he was Ambassador of the Republic of Italy to the Kingdom of Belgium. In this interview with EUI Times, he offers his perspective on the EUI’s contribution to Europe–both now and in the future.

Finding the best match

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Philipp Kircher

Professor Philipp Kircher joined the Faculty at the Economics Department of the EUI in January 2017.

Although he describes himself as a classical economist in terms of the methods he employs, his research subjects, such as unemployment and even diseases like HIV/AIDS, are compelling for their real-world effect on human life.

Far From the Ivory Tower

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Anton Hemerijck

Professor Anton Hemerijck joined the EUI in January 2017 as Professor of Political Science and Sociology.

He is first and foremost an academic, but the substance of his work belies a dual responsibility. ‘At institutes like [the EUI], our work should be judged on its academic merit. But over the years some my ideas have been taken on board by political actors. For me, that is important,’ Hemerijck told the EUI Times.