Understanding Germany – Advancing Europe

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“Of course, the image of the ugly German that BILD’s recent anti-Greece campaign depicts is not representative for the German political spectrum. Nonetheless, BILD’s reckless provocation and the increasingly inward-oriented coverage of other more sophisticated German media outlets give a sense of the extent to which Euro crisis politics and debate have transformed large parts of the once firmly pro-European centre-right political discourse into a defensive, stubborn, and nationalist posture.”

How anti-Islamic Pegida spreads across Western Europe

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“Pegida groups have now been set up in many Western European countries in what looks to be the quickest spread of far right and anti-Islamic activism on record. Following widespread media coverage, online groups first started to crop up beyond Germany in December and continued to spread in the wake of the jihadist terror attacks in Paris.”

What now for independence movements in Europe?

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The referendum on Scottish independence was an unprecedented event in British history. Many had hoped that a ‘no’ vote would settle the country’s status and allow it to move on with its political and cultural identity intact. But this hasn’t happened. Instead, membership of Scottish National Party (SNP) has tripled since the vote, with added autonomy promised to the disenfranchised, while south of the border calls for an English equivalent to the Scottish parliament have thrown Westminster into a constitutional quagmire. So how might this affect the futures of nations and regions across the rest of Europe?

The Road to Europe

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Since the Arab Spring started in 2010, those living in the countries around the edge of Europe have endured unprecedented levels of political and economic uncertainty that has, across the region, resulted in bloodshed and instability. As violence escalated in North Africa and the Middle East, populist anti-immigration rhetoric has steadily proliferated throughout Western European politics in the wake of the Eurozone debt crisis. This has created a political landscape hostile to any kind of pro-immigration legislation and fostered a desire for each country to protect its own narrow economic and social interests.

Withdrawal Symptoms

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Carlos Closa Montero: “Secession and withdrawal have become highly topical European issues due to the processes under way in Scotland and Catalonia and the debate triggered by UK´s Prime Minister David Cameron, suggesting a possible British withdrawal from the EU. These debates concentrate on the position of withdrawing states and seceding territories vis-à-vis the EU.”