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The road from Damascus

Written by Henry Goodwin. Posted in Current profiles, Profiles

Hussain - feature

When the Arab Spring spilled into Syria in 2011, Dima Hussain believed that the time had finally come to change her country’s long-entrenched status quo. Today, Syria’s civil war still rages on, and the regime that so many Syrians had sought to topple seems as strong as ever. Nonetheless Hussain, now a first-year Law researcher at the EUI, remains optimistic that one day she will return to Damascus, to a Syria imbued with the idealism that sparked a revolution over six years ago.

Bridging the Gulf

Written by Olivia Arigho-Stiles. Posted in Current publications, Publications

The Gulf is one of the most diverse and complex regions for global policymakers. Sensitive to the increasing importance of the Gulf region for the European Union in particular, Jean Monnet Fellow Luigi Narbone and Martin Lestra, a PhD researcher at the EUI, are the co-editors of an eBook exploring the major themes colouring debates on the Gulf for policymakers and academics.

Between occident and orient: North Africa before colonialism

Written by Olivia Arigho-Stiles. Posted in Current profiles, Profiles

The Arab Spring, beginning in 2010 with the Tunisian revolution, was a period of revolutionary transformation for the North Africa region. Its participants rejected the authoritarian rule of the postcolonial era and reclaimed their city streets and squares to demand meaningful political emancipation. Some commentators have hence identified parallels between the decolonisation struggles of the […]

After the Arab Spring

Written by Mark Briggs. Posted in Current features, Features

The Arab Spring forced a host of undemocratic leaders from office across the region, greeted by jubilant crowds from Tripoli to Tahir Square and beamed around the globe by the world’s media. Now the dictators and the news crews have gone, the hard work of rebuilding countries after years of monopolised power has been met with a mixture of success and shortcomings