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A bellwether for Europe? ‘Wilders-lite’ is here to stay

Written by Herman Lelieveldt. Posted in Current opinions, Opinions

Image of Herman Lelieveldt

Wilders’ one-man show was unable to capitalise on populist momentum, but others are more organised, says Herman Lelieveldt. The visiting fellow in the Department of SPS explains why it is important not to fixate on how the PVV alone performs.
Herman Lelieveldt is a visiting fellow in the Department of SPS. He is Associate Professor in Political Science at University College Roosevelt in Utrecht.

Referendums: asking for trouble?

Written by Ellen Halliday. Posted in Current features, Features

Brexit protesters

Whether one thinks that referenda are good or bad for Europe, they have certainly challenged the assumption that national electorates favour the European project. This articles talks with four experts recently at the for a Robert Schuman Centre workshop about the challenge referendums pose to the EU.

Feature image: Allsdare Hickson on Flickr (creative commons license)

Europe under a common roof

Written by Olivia Arigho-Stiles. Posted in Current features, Features

“All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”, goes the famous Tolstoy line. And for Nobel Prize winning economist and EUI honoris causa recipient Jean Tirole, the European Union is truly an unhappy family indeed. “It would be better to have a federalist Europe”’ he suggests. “It would require people to […]