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Reassessing the Brexit battleground

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Despite the fogginess of the British government’s approach to Brexit, there is little desire among the electorate to see the referendum played out again, according to Matthew Goodwin, a politics professor and Brexit expert from the University of Kent. Speaking at an event organised by the Migration Policy Centre at the Schuman Centre last week, Goodwin pointed out that there has been little change in public opinion towards Brexit in the eighteen months since the referendum. In fact, if anything, Leavers and Remainers’ positions have hardened. After delivering his lecture at Villa Schifanoia, Goodwin sat down with EUI Times, to discuss what comes next for Britain and the EU, and how we got here in the first place.

Matthew Goodwin is Professor of Politics at the University of Kent and a Senior Visiting Fellow at Chatham House. His new book, ‘Brexit: Why Britain Voted to Leave the European Union’, was published earlier this year.

Smuggling as care, not crime

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For all the bombast coming from Washington these days, it would be easy to think that the US-Mexico border is in crisis. Yet that is far from the truth. In fact, Gabriella Sanchez explains, life on the border is as it has been for centuries. Rather than building a wall, Sanchez suggests adopting a more considered and conciliatory approach to people smuggling as a way to alleviate suffering and increase our understanding of migration on the US-Mexico border.

Gabriella Sanchez is a Research Fellow at the Migration Policy Centre, based at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies. Having arrived in Florence from the University of Texas in El Paso in September, Sanchez plans to develop a body of comparative, evidence-based research on global smuggling practices.

The new normal

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Andrew Geddes

Andrew Geddes took up the Chair in Migration Studies and role of Director of the Migration Policy Centre (MPC) in January 2017. His current research, supported by an Advanced Investigator Grant from the European Research Council, focuses on inter and intra-regional comparison of migration governance with a focus on Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and South America. He is also a speaker at The State of the Union 2017.

Desperately searching for solidarity in EU asylum policies

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It remains woefully clear that the EU has neglected solidarity in its asylum and borders policies despite constitutionalisation by the Lisbon Treaty. Those policies were dominated by the idea of responsibility, with the Dublin regulation establishing that States must cope with their asylum seekers arriving at their borders.This principle, at odds with the idea of a European approach, led to a political debate where hypocrisy became the guiding principle.

EU at a turning point: the many faces of the refugee crisis

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The EU is in crisis. It started with a crisis about words. The Commission published its ‘European Agenda on Migration’ on 13 May 2015, but it was actually an agenda concerned with migration and asylum, if not primarily asylum. A few weeks later, journalists rediscovered that it matters to use the correct term for persons trying desperately to reach the EU in order to find protection: refugee, not migrant.

The State of the Union

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On 9 May 2013 the EUI hosted the third edition of The State of the Union conference at Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio. The event brought together European policy-makers, academics and business-leaders to discuss the key issues affecting the EU

Tracing footsteps

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Philippe Fargues

The Migration Policy Centre opened in June, creating a unique hub for multidisciplinary, policy-driven research on population movements affecting the EU