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Smuggling as care, not crime

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For all the bombast coming from Washington these days, it would be easy to think that the US-Mexico border is in crisis. Yet that is far from the truth. In fact, Gabriella Sanchez explains, life on the border is as it has been for centuries. Rather than building a wall, Sanchez suggests adopting a more considered and conciliatory approach to people smuggling as a way to alleviate suffering and increase our understanding of migration on the US-Mexico border.

Gabriella Sanchez is a Research Fellow at the Migration Policy Centre, based at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies. Having arrived in Florence from the University of Texas in El Paso in September, Sanchez plans to develop a body of comparative, evidence-based research on global smuggling practices.

Behind Closed Doors

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Photo: Anti-slavery International

To be invisible is to be vulnerable. At the junction of the public and the private, indistinct boundaries in domestic working environments are ripe for exploitation.
In the wake of EU Anti-trafficking Day (18 October), EUI Times interviews experts Alexandra Ricard-Guay, Neil Howard, and Anna Triandafyllidou, whose research has dealt with the intersection between trafficking and the demand for domestic workers in Europe.

Beyond Trafficking and Slavery

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Beyond Trafficking and Slavery. Julia O’Connell Davidson & Neil Howard (eds). (Open Democracy, 2015) Trafficking, forced labour and slavery have emerged as major issues in today’s global milieu. It is near universally accepted by governments, NGOs and civil society that they have no place in societies which profess to be advanced and democratic. But how […]