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Punish Russia – just not like this

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Anthony Gardner

On Tuesday, the United States Congress voted by 413 to three in favour of a bill which will both increase sanctions on Russia and weaken the power of the President to revoke such measures. Former US Ambassador Anthony Gardner has urged his ‘friends in Congress’ to be tough on Russia, but not at the expense of US-EU relations. ‘I think [punishing Russia] is absolutely the right objective, I just think that the tools used here were the wrong ones,’ he said. ‘We [Americans] really should be working with the EU’.

Trump and the Paris Agreement

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On June 1st, Trump announced the US would pull out of the Paris Agreement (PA). Some commentators have indicated that the damage that Trump can inflict to climate change mitigation is limited. Yet, Xavier Labandeira, Director of FSR Climate, is not so optimistic. FSR Climate has been analysing and reflecting on EU climate policies for almost ten years. Their insights may offer some guidance for international climate policies within a Trumpian context.

The Spectre of Populism

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Across the continent, populists, from Farage’s Brexiteers and Marine Le Pen to Italy’s left-wing Cinquestelle movement, have gained ground in strides that seemed unthinkable just one year ago. As 2016 draws to a close, the old divisions of left and right are no longer adequate to explain the dynamics of our political landscape. For although united under a single word, populists these days have a varied face. So what unites the self-identified rebels who are taking control of the mainstream?

President Trump: the consequences for Europe’s foreign, security and defence policy

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Ulrich Krotz

During the electoral campaign, Donald Trump relied less on foreign policy, security, and defence advisors than any major party nominee in the past 70 years, making the shape and direction of U.S. foreign policy under his administration uncertain and difficult to predict. What might the election of Donald Trump mean for Europe and Europeans? Professor Ulrich Krotz, Chair in International Relations in the Department of Political and Social Sciences and the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, sheds some light on a situation that is anything but clear.

A tragedy for transatlantic relations

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Richard Maher

European leaders and publics today are no doubt struggling to comprehend the implications of Trump’s victory for Europe and for world politics more broadly. Dr Richard Maher, Research Fellow at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies’ Global Governance Programme, gives his perspective in an op-ed on the result of the American elections.