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Social investment in the balance

Written by Anton Hemerijck. Posted in Current opinions, Opinions

What is social investment, how has it developed and what will become of it going forward? That is the topic of Professor Anton Hemerijck’s highly anticipated panel at The State of the Union 2018. Ahead of the conference, Prof. Hemerijck sat down with EUI Times to talk social investment, and explain why it’s ‘in the balance’.

Anton Hemerijck is Professor of Political Science and Sociology and Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the EUI. His panel at The State of the Union 2018 is entitled ‘Social Investment in the Balance’.

Far From the Ivory Tower

Written by Ellen Halliday. Posted in Current profiles, Profiles

Anton Hemerijck

Professor Anton Hemerijck joined the EUI in January 2017 as Professor of Political Science and Sociology.

He is first and foremost an academic, but the substance of his work belies a dual responsibility. ‘At institutes like [the EUI], our work should be judged on its academic merit. But over the years some my ideas have been taken on board by political actors. For me, that is important,’ Hemerijck told the EUI Times.